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Feb 20, 2025 • BEC!
Scaling New Heights in the Basque and Spanish Startup Ecosystems

The Anti-Conference

Bilbao Slush'D is a unique blend of Finland's renowned innovation legacy and Spain’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, marking a special convergence of top entrepreneurial legends and forward-thinking innovators from around the globe. 

This event stands as a testament to the global journey of Slush, originally hailing from Finland—a powerhouse in nurturing unicorns and pioneering technology ventures. 

Now, in Bilbao, it brings together a rich tapestry of regional entrepreneurial hubs, ideas, and inspirations, all united in the quest to redefine the boundaries of technology, AI, and entrepreneurship.
Photo Petri Anttila
What's Bilbao Slush'D?
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A Global Network

A Global Network

Supported by Slush
Slush'D is a community-driven movement that empowers teams across the globe to create a catalyzation for their local ecosystem. All in the spirit of Slush's mission "to create and help founders that change the world".
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    13.000 PARTICIPANTS IN 2023
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    FOUNDED IN 2008

Nordic Innovation

Chosen for Spain's first Slush'D event, Bilbao dazzles with its iconic Guggenheim Museum and the prime Bay of Biscay locale. The Basque Country, with its own unique culture, significant economic clout, and a hefty €79.350 billion GDP (5.9% of Spain's total), sets the stage.Transitioning from the Industrial to the Technological Revolution, the Basque Country is set to skyrocket. As a buzzing Technology Entrepreneurship Hub with 1,000+ startups and €100 million invested in 2022, we're on fire. Join us as we chase the dream of birthing the first Basque unicorn, forging connections with global business and tech titans.
Photo Eduardo Kenji Amorim
Nordic Innovation in Bilbao: Photo Eduardo Kenji Amorim


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Nordic Innovation
Nordic Innovation:
We bring Europe's unicorn factory to Spain and the Basque Country.
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Founder-centric approach
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Flat hierarchical structure
  • Inclusive corporate culture
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Born-Global Mindset
Born-Global Mindset:
Many Spanish and Basque startups often struggle to establish effective global-focused business models that can attract global VCs and investment vehicles.

They delay internationalization until reaching maturity, typically focusing on European markets, which hinders their growth and competitiveness in the market.
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Youth Entrepreneurship
Youth Entrepreneurship:
The current average age of entrepreneurs in Spain is 41. Through this event, we aim to shift this paradigm and foster a culture of entrepreneurship that becomes widespread among all young Basque and Spanish individuals, shaping it into a way of life.

Get Involved

Get Involved - Startups, Photo by Petri Anttila
Get Involved - Investors, Photo by Otto Jahnukainen
Get Involved - Partners , Photo by Julius Konttinen
Get Involved - Future, Photo by Riikka Vaahtera
Future Entrepreneurs

Bilbao Slush'D isn't just an event; it's THE event. Don’t just hear about it later—be there.